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9013功率小,20V,0.5A,D882功率较大,30V,3A。都是NPN管。参见: http://www.21icsearch.com/s_s9013.html http://www.21icsearch.com/s_d882.html

自己做也可以,一步一步来,不过麻烦点! 网上也可以下载到这种字体的,百度搜索LED字体或者液晶字体,或者电子屏字体。很多,自己下载吧


linkin park - numb (伴奏)

multisim里是没有的,可以参考下面网友的回答,找替代品使用,或者自己修改参数 http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/419985939.html http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/149130808.html

Leona Lewis - Better In Time 歌词 It's been the longest winter without you I didn't know where to turn to See somehow I can't forget you After all that we've been through Going coming thought I heard a knock Who's there no one ...

Ladies and gentlemen. I am XX. Today is really a great honor to have me lead you to visit this charming city -- tianjin. Day there are ...

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