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有一句话 Bring

ring my bells - enrique Iglesias Ring my bell ring my bells Ring my bell ring my bells Ring my bell ring my bells Ring my bell ring my bells Sometimes you love her Sometimes you don't Sometimes you need it then you don't and yo...

High By The Beach - Lana Del Rey Boy look at you looking at me I know you know how I feel Loving you is hard being here is harder You take the wheel I don't wanna do this anymore it's so surreal I can't survive if this is all t...

We Found Love - Rihanna Yellow diamonds in the light And we're standing side by side As your shadow crosses mine What it takes to come alive It's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny But I've gotta let it go We found love in a...

你好,不是BIGABNG全体的歌 是BIGBANG的队长G-DRAGON的个人SOLO g-dragon ---Breathe 望采纳

To Bring You My Love

karmin——acapella 你去听听,我也不确定。

是少时的《The boys》,重复的不是Bring gril,是we bring the boys out.


感觉不到你 -羽泉的

可能是这个 Will.I.Am ft. Britney Spears-Scream & Shout

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